Let the adventure begin!


Hello everyone!

Personally, it is very important moment for me, because it took over a year to finally write down my first post. At daily basis I’m software developer, and I’m going to cover topics related to iOS development. If you think that this post will contain any technical topics you are wrong 🙂 . I had more than plenty of time to think about what and in which order I want to write about. I’ve decided that this post will be good opportunity to introduce myself to all of you – my potential future readers.

I am aware that there is a chance that no one will ever read this post, but publicity is not my main goal. I’ve started this blog because of two reasons:

First one is to improve my skills in writing articles. It was always one of my weaknesses so I hope that at the end of this year I will be able to say „I’ve managed to write down one article per month and my writing style is more approachable then it was when I wrote down my first post”.

The second one is way more demanding than the first one. My technical knowledge is fairly wide, but not well structured. I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no better solution for this problem then trying to explain my daily struggles in iOS development to another person. In my opinion, there is no better place for such experiment than the internet. I haven’t made my mind yet if I’m going to start series of post for beginners or more advanced developers. I will take into consideration every possible feedback and adapt my posts as dynamically as it is possible.

What is this all about?

Some of you may be wondering why I choose to start a blog if nobody knows that it even exists. The answer is very simple – lack of motivation. 🙂 Once you publish something on the internet it’s out forever. I’ve got one resolution:

I will write at least one post per month in the year 2018.

Now it is officially too late to back off. All of you saw this statement and I have the motivation to keep that promise. Probably most of you are my family and friends which I forced to read that post but maybe in the future, there will be someone from outside that group :D.

My background

My journey with programming started in 2012 when I’ve became student of Łódź University of Technology on Faculty of Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering. To be honest, it wasn’t love from the first sight, because C and later C++ wasn’t easy to learn for me. I thought that electronics is an area which I should explore but everything had changed in the year 2014 when I’ve participated in the Java-based project at my faculty. It provided me chance to take part in trainee program in one of leading IT companies in my city. My task was to explore capabilities of Android platform and it was something that started my passion which lasts to this day. I thought that there is no better mobile platform till I encountered iOS. For a long period of time I was laughing at iPhone users. I was convinced that everyone who buys Apple products is doing this just because of trend and there is no explanation why they pay so much money for this devices. A few years later, exactly in March 2016, I was asked to write an iOS version of the app which I was already developing for Android platform. At the very beginning I was very upset that I received this task, but now I’m grateful for this opportunity. I can’t imagine to create mobile apps for platform which isn’t iOS in near future. Why it is so good? I will try to explain it’s phenomenon in next post.

I hope that reading that text wasn’t a painful experience, I promise that I will improve!

PS. I would be grateful for any feedback, don’t hesitate to write down a comment or send me an e-mail. I’m here to learn 🙂